L o g i c 1


   Be it the last bench superheroes who can turn around everything before the day of exam,the front row topper who seeks to learn new things or the book worms who can mug up without even leaving the page numbers. Unravel the exceptional creativity inside you to make a difference in the society.We at logic one make wide topics more condensed and attractive that can make people learn concepts quickly and drive them towards innovative building of more practical models rather to wonder at how things work.

 Our goal is to simply make each student a real learner of the concepts which is much simpler rather to make them read a large number of pages without even knowing whatthey are.

  We back our goal with professional and effective teaching, hands on experience, smart teaching,interactive sessions and quality projects.Our passion translates into a positive working relationship with students which make them think out of box and to work together with the future generation in building a more advanced technological, smart nation and ultimately to drive towards the development. Make count of a colossal opportunity to know how day to day things work practically and to make people turn a few heads with fun learning.